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Application informations
How to apply?

How to apply?

We welcome and encourage excellent international students from all over the world to Sun Yat-sen University.

Before applying

Choosing a major for your own will post a positive impact on your future life. Before you apply, please carefully consider which major you want to apply.

You need to consider the following factors:

  1. What are you interested in?
  2. What do you want to do in the future?
  3. Have you met our application request?

Sun Yat-sen University offers 77 majors from 43 faculties to the students who want to apply for undergraduate programs. We have different grades and language requirements for applying for liberal arts, management, science and engineering, and medical science. Please refer to our application requirements and submit the corresponding application materials within the prescribed application time.

About the admission results

Admission results will be informed by mail, phone, etc. We hope you are able to keep in touch with us. Once you have received admission information, we will confirm the way of obtaining the materials with you by mail and telephone. You may choose to pick up your "Sun Yat-sen University Admission Notice", visa and other related materials at ISO of the University or send the admission materials to you by mail.

Application Time

Application Time: March 1st – May 5th

*Prerequisites:1. Non-Chinese citizen, 2. Senior high school graduate, 3.18-45 years of age and healthy.

Application Procedures:

Application FQAs

1、 When can I apply for admission?

*There are two periods of time, spring and fall, for application in a year at SYSU. The specific time is as follows:

The Fall Admission (Semester begins in August or September each year)

Application time:

Every year from March 1 to May 5 - undergraduate, master, doctoral program.

Every year from March 1 to June 5 - Non-degree Chinese language program, general Non-degree program, advanced non-degree program.

The Spring Admission (Semester begins at the following year in February)

Application time:

Every year from October 10 to December 5 - Non-degree Chinese language program, general Non-degree program, advanced non-degree program.

2、How to apply?

Please refer to the application requirements and application time column.

3、Can the application materials be scanned and sent by e-mail?

If you apply for non-degree Chinese language program and there are personal reasons, approved by ISO, you can send by e-mail. Application materials for the rest of the programs must be sent by mail or by yourself to ISO by the deadline. All paper materials for the degree courses (undergraduate, master and doctoral degree courses) must be in duplicate.

4、Do you have a preparatory course at Sun Yat-sen University?

The University DOES NOT have a preparatory course. If your Chinese proficiency cannot meet the requirements, please apply for the non-degree Chinese language program first to obtain the HSK certificate before submitting the relevant materials to apply for undergraduate courses.

5、After received my application materials, how long can I know the admission results?

6、What scholarships are there in Sun Yat-sen University?

Please refer to the "Scholarship" column