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Full time - 2017
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Anthropology of Sun Yat-sen University is the earliest re-opened discipline in China. Anthropology in 2002 was approved as a national key discipline, and passed re-evaluation in 2007. Anthropology, with a strong background and a strong teaching team, has now become a teaching and research and academic exchange center that posts significant impacts on domestic and international anthropological research. In academic research, personnel training, international exchanges, social services and other aspects have made important contributions to the society which plays a leading role at home and abroad.
In the aspect of student cultivation, anthropology focuses on the combination of basic theory and applied practice, paying attention to cultivating students’ ability of comprehensive application practice. In the aspect of students’ teaching, it emphasizes “observe social reality, understand the social mechanism”, focusing on cultivating students’ ability of field practice. It cooperates with local governments to establish a number of student field practice bases, such as Guangxi Lingyun Teaching Research Base, Guizhou Libo, Sandu Ethnic Shui Cultural Research Base, Sichuan Pingwu Teaching and Research Practice Base, Guangdong Field Archaeological Research Base and so on. In the cultivation of graduate students, this major pays attention to the comprehensive theory of anthropology, research of multidisciplinary theory and methods with field training to cultivate the ability of characterized research and breakthrough research.

Grades of high school should reach pass (Level D or 60 points out 100 or above), among which Chinese, English and Mathematics should reach Level C or above (70 points out of 100 or above) New HSK5 certificate (180 points or above)
Step1. Log in to our application website: http://application.sysu.edu.cn, fill in the online application form and submit online. Step1. Log in to our application website: http://application.sysu.edu.cn, fill in the online application form and submit online. Step2. Mailing material  Print out the "Online Admission Application Form" and sign the last page.  Copy of passport (personal information page)  High school diploma, copy of transcript  New HSK5 certificate (180 points or above) (If the diploma and transcript are not in Chinese or English, a notarized Chinese or English translation is required to submit.)  Other materials (Submit the material on time, according to the requirements of the University that year.) Note: Before the application deadline (May 5), the applicant must send the application materials (in duplicate) to the Office of International Students' Affairs, Sun Yat-sen University.
Tuition: 26000 yuan / year; Registration fee: 400 yuan / year; Insurance: 800 yuan / year

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4 years
Guangzhou South Campus
Bachelor of Arts
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