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Full time - 2017
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Sun Yat-sen University is the only university to set up Archeology in southern China. It has a complete disciplinary system of archeology in undergraduate, master and doctoral degree and has a complete research and teaching system such as museums, archaeological labs and practice bases. It owns the team leader qualifications of group archaeological excavation. Since the 1920s Mr. Fu Sinian and Mr. Gu Jiegang initiated to combine archeology with linguistics, folklore, anthropology, ethnology and history at Sun Yat-sen University, which thrives to today. It began to recruit archeological students in 1972. The compiled textbook “General Archeology” is designated teaching materials by Ministry of Education. It has found the Homo Mabei, Xiqiao stone processing plant, and Homo Huangyan Cave and so on. In 1981 the archaeology was incorporated into the Department of Anthropology which combines archeology with anthropology and ethnology, marking the unique characteristics of archeology at Sun Yat-sen University in China..
Since the establishment, this major achieved fruitful development in Chinese and foreign cultural exchange archaeology, southern national archaeology, unearthed literature, art history and art archeology, religious archeology, gender archeology and other research areas. At the same time it has made, based on South China and facing to Southeast Asia with SYSU’s advantages, remarkable achievements in the origins of the Pearl River Basin civilization and process research, Southeast Asia archeology, underwater archeology and other fields.

Grades of high school should reach pass (Level D or 60 points out 100 or above), among which Chinese, English and Mathematics should reach Level C or above (70 points out of 100 or above) New HSK5 certificate (180 points or above)
Step1. Log in to our application website: http://application.sysu.edu.cn, fill in the online application form and submit online. Step1. Log in to our application website: http://application.sysu.edu.cn, fill in the online application form and submit online. Step2. Mailing material  Print out the "Online Admission Application Form" and sign the last page.  Copy of passport (personal information page)  High school diploma, copy of transcript  New HSK5 certificate (180 points or above) (If the diploma and transcript are not in Chinese or English, a notarized Chinese or English translation is required to submit.)  Other materials (Submit the material on time, according to the requirements of the University that year.) Note: Before the application deadline (May 5), the applicant must send the application materials (in duplicate) to the Office of International Students' Affairs, Sun Yat-sen University.
Tuition: 26000 yuan / year; Registration fee: 400 yuan / year; Insurance: 800 yuan / year

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4 years
Guangzhou South Campus
Bachelor of History
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