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Physics(School of Physics,GuangZhou)

Full time - 2017
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Physics is a prestigious discipline of Guangdong Province. The major focuses on the cultivation of outstanding research-orientated talents who have strong ability in multi-discipline, who have high comprehensive quality and team-work spirits and who are innovative with solid physical theory and practical experimental skills. Graduates who have the opportunity to be recommended as a free trial graduate students to continue their master and doctoral studies. This major also specially, for those senior students who are interested in the study of theoretical physics, sets up theoretical physics intensive classes.
Main research directions: modern physics, laser and optoelectronic technology, microelectronics design and application, functional materials and energy materials.
Main Courses: Advanced Mathematics, Mechanics, Thermal, Electromagnetics, Optics, Atomic Physics, Electronic Technology, Theoretical Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics, Mathematical Physics, Solid Physics, Structure and Physical Properties, General Physics Experiments , Modern Physics Experiment, Electronic Technology Experiment, Algorithm Language and Program Design and other professional basic courses; different professional directions respectively set up courses: Non-Linear Science and Complex Systems, High-Energy Physics and Particle Physics, Nuclear Technology and Application, Computational Physics, Physics History Generalized Relativity, Cosmology and Astrophysics, Mesoscopic Physics, Civil Nuclear Technology, Physical Frontier Training, Integrated Optics, Optoelectronic Technology, Laser Principle, Photonics, Optical Information Storage, Computer Control Technology, Network Principle and Application, Advanced Programming , Semiconductor Physics, Modern Semiconductor Devices, Integrated Circuits and Micro-Processing, Display Technology, Materials Physics, Materials, Micro-Analysis Technology, Materials Preparation Technology, Electronic Materials and Devices and other main professional courses and specialized experiments. Theoretical physics classes also have the opportunity to select theoretical physics course which opens for postgraduate students and participate in their seminars.

Grades of mathematics, physics and chemistry, at least one of the three should reach level C (or above 70 points out of 100), other subjects should reach pass (level D or 60 points out of 100). HSK4 certificate (180 points or above)
Step1. Log in to our application website: http://application.sysu.edu.cn, fill in the online application form and submit online. Step1. Log in to our application website: http://application.sysu.edu.cn, fill in the online application form and submit online. Step2. Mailing material  Print out the "Online Admission Application Form" and sign the last page.  Copy of passport (personal information page)  High school diploma, copy of transcript  New HSK4 certificate (180 points or above) (If the diploma and transcript are not in Chinese or English, a notarized Chinese or English translation is required to submit.)  Other materials (Submit the material on time, according to the requirements of the University that year.) Note: Before the application deadline (May 5), the applicant must send the application materials (in duplicate) to the Office of International Students' Affairs, Sun Yat-sen University.
Tuition: 33,800 yuan / year Registration fee: 400 yuan / year Insurance: 800 yuan / year

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4 years
Guangzhou South Campus
Bachelor of Science
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