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Chinese Language

Full time - 2017
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Undergraduate Chinese Language major of Sun Yat-sen University is an early major established for international students in China.
The major has two directions that Business Chinese and the Applied Chinese and Cross-Cultural Exchange.
Characteristics of the Major 1. Easy admission but professional and strict cultivation; 2. Chinese language skills oriented; 3. Cultivate applied and international talents.
Freshman and sophomore are the stages for language skills teaching. The basic courses include: Elementary Chinese, Primary Spoken Chinese, Primary Chinese Listening, Chinese, Chinese Listening, Spoken Chinese, and Chinese Writing.
The third and the fourth grade are divided into Business Chinese direction and Applied Chinese and Cross-Cultural Exchange direction. While continuing to strengthen the teaching of language skills, it sets up professional core courses related to their directions.
Business Chinese direction: this major meets the needs of current international business to cultivate Chinese language talents with good comprehensive quality. The students master Chinese listening, speaking and writing; learn about basic economics theory and international trade theory. While they are familiar with Chinese economic management regulations and laws, the students have the ability to handle business affairs by Chinese. After graduation, they could work in the department related to Chinese trade and economy.
Core courses: Essentials of Economics, International Trade Practice, Economic and Trade Practices in China, Economic Research, Foundation of Business Chinese, Business Chinese Listening and Speaking.
Applied Chinese and Cross – Cultural Communication direction: it cultivates professional Chinese talents who adapt to the needs of modern international society, with good overall quality and comprehensive development. It trains the students with solid Chinese language and oral communication ability, systematically masters Chinese language and literature knowledge, the basic theory of second language teaching and Chinese teaching skills, with the fundamental ability of Chinese language research and a certain ability of Chinese teaching. After graduation, students can be proficient in Chinese teaching, and can be engaged in the work related to Chinese and Chinese literature by using Chinese.
Core courses: Modern Chinese, Chinese Teaching and Design, Advanced Chinese Listening and Speaking, Educational Psychology, Teaching Observation and Commentary, Error Analysis, Chinese Newspaper Reading.

Grades of high school should reach pass (Level D or 60 points out 100 or above), among which Chinese, English and Mathematics should reach Level C or above (70 pionts out of 100 or above) This major accepts transferred students who are majored non-degree Chinese language inside and outside SYUS before they pass the admission test. The admission for the transferred students is based on their HSK scores, length and scores of learning Chinese language in colleges and universities and the scores of transferred students’ admission test.
Step1. Log in to our application website: http://application.sysu.edu.cn, fill in the online application form and submit online. Step1. Log in to our application website: http://application.sysu.edu.cn, fill in the online application form and submit online. Step2. Mailing material  Print out the "Online Admission Application Form" and sign the last page.  Copy of passport (personal information page)  High school diploma, copy of transcript (If the diploma and transcript are not in Chinese or English, a notarized Chinese or English translation is required to submit.)  Those who have never learned Chinese before DO NOT have to provide language proficiency certificate. Those who have HSK certificate or other language proficiency certificate will get the opportunity of the test for transferred students.  Other materials (Submit the material on time, according to the requirements of the University that year.) Note: Before the application deadline (May 5), the applicant must send the application materials (in duplicate) to the Office of International Students' Affairs, Sun Yat-sen University.
Tuition: 26000 yuan / year; Registration fee: 400 yuan / year; Insurance: 800 yuan / year

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Chinese Programs

4 years
Guangzhou South Campus
Bachelor of Arts
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