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Full time - 2017
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Under new media environment, this major is to cultivate the talent of public communication and take political communication and visual communication as the main professional directions.

The direction of political communication is to cultivate high-level professional talents who have, under a new media environment, public spirit and civic ideas, have strong humanistic literacy and communication skills, have the ability of social policy analysis and with solid theoretical foundation of communication. The students are familiar with various mass media, the use and operation of new media communication tools and can be engaged in communication management work in government, institutions and various social organizations after graduation.

The direction of visual communication takes new media research and creative culture as the core, takes media integration, under new media environment, as a platform to strengthen the combination of humanities and design at scientific theory level, strengthen both theory and practice at teaching level, strengthen the comprehensive learning of news communication, visual theory, visual communication, new media and cultural studies at disciplinary foundation level, in order to cultivate academic and innovative media talents who adapt to the media era.

Main Courses: organizational communication, environmental communication, political communication, Chinese social interpretation and civil society, public policy analysis, public welfare communication, network communication, new media communication introduction, visual theory and communication, news photography, documentary topics, audio- Picture editor, design introduction, modern design history, plane composition, color composition, paper media design, new media visual presentation, graphic creative expression, cultural industry social economics.

Employment direction:After graduation, students will be able to work in government and other institutions for communication management and social communication, and will be suitable for publicity department, external communication, brand communication, cultural exchange or promotion departments in government and social organizations. Students can also be engaged in editing and design work of news communication in newspaper group, television station, news website, mobile newspapers, magazines and other media organizations. Meanwhile the students can choose to continue their master degree study in journalism, communication and media management.

Grades of high school should reach pass (Level D or 60 points out 100 or above), among which Chinese, English and Mathematics should reach Level C or above (70 points out of 100 or above) New HSK5 certificate (180 points or above)
Step1. Log in to our application website: http://application.sysu.edu.cn, fill in the online application form and submit online. Step1. Log in to our application website: http://application.sysu.edu.cn, fill in the online application form and submit online. Step2. Mailing material  Print out the "Online Admission Application Form" and sign the last page.  Copy of passport (personal information page)  High school diploma, copy of transcript  New HSK5 certificate (180 points or above) (If the diploma and transcript are not in Chinese or English, a notarized Chinese or English translation is required to submit.)  Other materials (Submit the material on time, according to the requirements of the University that year.) Note: Before the application deadline (May 5), the applicant must send the application materials (in duplicate) to the Office of International Students' Affairs, Sun Yat-sen University.
Tuition: 26000 yuan / year; Registration fee: 400 yuan / year; Insurance: 800 yuan / year

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4 years
Guangzhou East Campus
Bachelor of Arts
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