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Enrollment Guidelines for the 2018 Undergraduate Program of International Students, Sun Yat-sen University (Without Written Examination)

I. Eligibility   

1. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens in possession of a valid foreign passport and confirming to the related requirements in A Notice on the Regulation of Chinese University’s Acceptance of International Students (教外来〔2009〕No.83).

2.Applicants should be in good health and meet the physical standards that are required for applying for a student visa or residence certificate.

3. Applicants should be aged 18 or over (i.e born before August 30th, 2000).

4.Applicants should be friendly to China, hardworking and diligent in their studies, upstanding and law-abiding, without any recorded history of their having broken the rules and regulations of their school, and without any other security penalties or criminal record.

5.Language proficiency

(1)Chinese proficiency

① Applicants for Liberal Arts, Economics and Managerial Science majors should have the certificate of HSK 5 (with 180 points or above).

② Applicants for Natural Science, Engineering and Medical Science majors (including MBBS) should have the certificate of HSK 4 (with 180 points or above).

(including MBBS) should have the certificate of HSK 4 (with 180 points or above).

③ Those who have studied Chinese in high school should submit the language certificate issued by their high school. If the certificate can by verified, they may be exempt from providing an HSK certificate.

(2) English proficiency (Only for MBBS)

① TOEFL iBT≥105, or IELTS≥7.5.

② For the English-speaking applicants, English certificate can be exempted.

6.Requirements for academic performance

① Applicants must submit transcripts of SAT、IB、GCE A-level、ACT or other internationally standardized test scores and have excellent results.

② If applicants fail to submit transcripts for the standardized tests detailed above or submits a predicted performance report, he or she should apply according to †he Enrollment Guidelines for the 2018 Undergraduate Program of International Students, Sun Yat-sen University (With Written Examination).

II. Application Date:  From 20th March to 30th April,2018.

III. Application Procedures

1. Online registration

① Visit the website of Office for International Students’ Affairs (http://iso.sysu.edu.cn) to apply online by clicking on “APPLICATION”. Submit the completed SYSU Application Form for International Students online, and print a hard copy.

② Application documents and requirements are as follows: (If the original version of the following documents is not in Chinese or English, notarized translated version in Chinese or English must also be attached.)

Number Documents Requirements
1 Photocopy of passport/identification 1. Students in possession of a valid passport at the time of applying must upload a photocopy of the passport’s personal information page.

2. Students within China, please provide both visa page and entry page.

3. Students who are not in possession of a valid passport at the time of application must upload a photocopy of their ID card. They must also send a photocopy of their passport to the E-mail of Office of International Students’ Affairs (see contact information) before 15th June, 2018.

2 Highest degree certificate  

① High school students who are due to graduate in the same year in which they are applying to SYSU must provide a pre-graduation certificate issued by their school.

② High school students who have already graduated must provide a copy of their high school diploma.

3 Academic transcripts Applicants need to provide transcripts of all courses taken during their most advanced period of study as well as transcripts of SAT、IB、GCE A-level、ACT or any other International Standardized Test taken during their high school period.
4 Language proficiency certificate Refer to the “Eligibility”.
5 Recommendation letters Two Letters of recommendation signed by a high school teacher in Chinese or English with the name of the referral and contact information.



In addition to the application materials detailed above, applicants should submit other supplementary materials in time according to the requirements of SYSU.

(3) Students need to choose two majors. At the time of admission, the school of SYSU will try to fulfill their first choice. If the students were admitted by SYSU, he or she can not change their major. For those who want to apply to change their major, according to the Regulations on the Undergraduate Students’ Status of SYSU (SYSU educational administration 2017, No.125), they should complete one semester of their original major before applying to participate in the unified organized selection that is held by the school every year to assist those who wish to change majors.

(4)  If the number of students admitted to MBBS are less than 30, a separate class will not be opened for them.

2. Submit the application materials or send by post

(1) After submitting their applications online, applicants also need to print their application and have confirm and sign the document on the last page.

(2) Applicants should submit or send the printed and signed copies of their application documents (in duplicate) to the Admissions Office (Office of International Students’ Affairs), see the contact information of Admission Office (Office of International Students’ Affairs). No late applications will be accepted.

(3) Students should provide accurate information of his or her own contact E-mail, telephone number and address. During the enrollment period, students must be in contact and reply to all E-mails from SYSU in good time. If students fail to reply to the mail in time or fail to submit supplementary materials according to the requirements within the prescribed time, their application will be deemed to have been abandoned.

IV. Application Procedure

1. After the application deadline, SYSU will organize a panel of experts to review the application documents. SYSU will admit undergraduate applicants based on the overall assessment of their scores and all other supporting documents. During the process, long-distance or face-to-face interviews will be conducted, if necessary.

2.In June, 2018, pre-admission results will be sent to applicants via email or messages via application website. If the applicant doesn’t receive an e-mail notification in this round, then the applicant’s materials will be subject to a second review in accordance with the requirements of the “Enrollment Guide for Undergraduates of Foreign Students in 2018 at Sun Yat-sen University (with Written Examination).

3.In July, 2018, after confirmation of the list of admitted applicants, admission materials will be posted to applicants according to the postal addresses provided by the applicants on the application website.

4.Students who are accepted should apply for the X1 visa at their country’s Chinese Embassy (or Chinese Consulate) with “Sun Yat-sen University Admission Notice” and “Visa Application for Study in China (JW202)”, and change X1 visa into a Residence Permit for Foreign Students within 30 days after they enter China. Students who don’t apply for the relevant visa and residence permit will have to drop out. SYSU doesn’t accept students with non-student visas.

5.Students who are accepted must register at the date and the address according to “Sun Yat-sen University Admission Notice”. Registration in advance will not be accepted.

6.New students will voluntarily participate in the freshmen’s scholarship application examination after registration.

V. Scholarship Application Examination for New Students 

1. Applicants who are admitted and exempted from written examinations will voluntarily attend the new students’ scholarship application examination after registration (see Appendix 3) and be selected according to the evaluation rules for scholarship selection.

Categories Evaluation Rules
First-class Scholarship Awarded full SYSU Scholarship for International Students.

Granting Period: In principle, the scholarship will cover the normal study period of the undergraduate programme.

Scholarship Amount: Free tuition + living allowance RMB 30,000 yuan/person/academic year.

Disbursement Methods: see 2018 SYSU ‘Belt and Road’ Scholarship Programme

Second-class Scholarship Awarded partial SYSU Scholarship for International Students.

Granting Period: In principle, the scholarship will cover the normal study period of the undergraduate programme.

Scholarship Amount: Free tuition

Examination Passed The student will study at school as a degree student and be responsible for all costs.

1. Whether the student has taken a written examination or not, the scholarship application examination will be the same. The quota of awarded students may be adjusted on the basis of the number of candidates. See Enrollment Guidelines for the 2018 Undergraduate Program of International Students, Sun Yat-sen University

(With Written Examination).

2. Students should pay all the fees during their enrollment. After the examination, SYSU will award scholarships on the basis of exam results.

2. A scholarship review will be carried out by the university annually to assess the recipients’ academic and overall performance. Recipients who pass the review will continue to receive the scholarship funding.

3. After enrollment, if the applicant who is admitted and exempted from written examinations does not attend the exam organized for new students, then he or she will study in SYSU as a self-paying degree student.

VI. Fees (RMB/person/academic year)

1.Tuition and Registration/Examination Fees

Categories Liberal Arts/ Economics and Managerial Science Majors Natural Science and Engineering Majors Medical Science/ Art/ P.E. Majors
Tuition Fee 26,000 33,800 48,000
Registration/ Exam Fee 400 400 600

MBBS: 800

Note: For the specific fee structure, please refer to the payment standard released by SYSU in the same year.

2.Overall Insurance and Benefit Plan (Including Loss of Life Insurance, Accidental Injury Medical Treatment Insurance and Hospitalization Medical Insurance): RMB800/person/year.

VII. Regulations about Accommodation and Insurance

Self-paying students of the enrollment year 2018 should arrange for their accommodation by themselves. After enrollment, if the student passes the examination organized for new students and is awarded a scholarship, then the student could send an application to the school officials for a dormitory on campus.

SYSU implements an insurance system covering all international students. International students must insure themselves in accordance with relevant regulations of China and SYSU. If the student does not insure themselves as required, he or she must purchase insurance within a limited period, otherwise SYSU will refuse to register them. If a current international student is without insurance, then he or she will be dismissed from university.

VIII. Contact Information

Address: Admission Office (Office for International Students’ Affairs Office), Sun Yat-sen University, No. 135 Xingang Road West, Guangzhou 510275 China

Tel: 0086-20-84110819

Fax: 0086-20-84115621

Email: admissions@mail.sysu.edu.cn



Appendix 1:教外来[2009]83号

Appendix 2:Catalogue of Undergraduate Programs for International Students at Sun Yat-sen University in 2018

Appendix 3:Sun Yat-Sen University’s 2018 Foreign Undergraduate Freshmen Examination Outline